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While going through the comments and posts on here about Ultron's Origin being changed from Hank Pym being his "Father" to Tony Stark and the outrage it caused I got to wondering because I remembered hearing or reading somewhere in the past that Tony was his creator. So, I started looking for myself and found the 2008 Animated Movie "Next Avengers:Heroes of Tomorrow" on Netflix and decided to re-watch it. That is where I remember hearing that Tony Stark is Ultron's creator. Here is a little about the movie:

It starts out by informing us that Ultron has defeated the Avengers and they are all supposedly dead. It has been 12 years and the World is mostly run by Ultron and his robots. However, unknown to Ultron, Tony Stark is alive and has been raising the Children of the Avengers in secret with help from the Vision in keeping them safe. The children are: James Rodgers- Son of Captain America and Black Widow (It seems that Marvel is heading in that direction from watching the Avengers and Captain America Movies), Torunn- Daughter of Thor (They don't say who the Mother is, but I think Jane Foster because of her Mannerisms and the fact it goes along with the Thor Movies to date), Hank Pym, Jr.- Son of Giant Man (Again the Marvel page doesn't name the Mother, but I assume it is Janet Van Dyne), Azari T'Challa- Son of Black Panther and Storm. After James accidentally gives away their location and Tony is captured by Ultron, the kids meet up with Francis Barton- Son of Hawkeye and Mockingbird. They find out that Tony is Ultron's creator when they rescue him and they meet up with the Hulk and Betty Ross (Who have been in hiding as well). They then come up with a plan for defeating Ultron and after the battle Torunn finds out her father is alive and gets to meet Thor. All of this happens on Earth 555326 and has been a part of Marvel Lore for 6 years now. If you have Netflix I believe it is worth your while to watch this movie before getting too upset or caught up in the whole "Who's Ultron's Daddy" drama.

So, after reading this and (hopefully) watching the Next Avenger's movie do you feel a little better about Tony being Ultron's "Father" or is it just to much of a change?

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