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So one of these five actors has got to be the new wolverine. Hugh Jackman has done an outstanding job at playing the wolverine but it is time for a new one. Hugh has been the only wolverine, so we can't really compare how much better he is than another but we can compare a new one to Hugh's wolverine. I think that will put a lot of pressure on who the new wolverine will be and that's a good thing because it will challenge them and Hugh has set the bar and i know one of these five actors are capable of surpassing his wolverine or at least being right there with him.

The first one on my list is:

Gerard Butler.

Not only is he a Badass but he has the perfect look for wolverine from the buff body we have seen in "300" and a few other movies to his perfect age, face, and hair for the wolverine. If anyone can pull off the wolverine after Hugh it definitely is Gerard Butler.

Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake Gyllenhaal.
Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake could also pull off playing as the wolverine for the same reason Gerard could. his image fits the role perfectly. not only does he look the part but Jake is an incredible actor. I really think if he got the role that he would be a badass wolverine without a doubt.

Benicio Del Toro.

Another great actor here Benicio Del Toro. now he does already play a character in the marvel universe but you really can't tell that it's him he plays a character known as The Collector in "Thor: the dark world" and soon to be in "Guardians of the Galaxy". Benicio would be a very interesting wolverine. he played a character similar to wolverine in the movie "Wolfman" the character resemblances the wolverine in many ways being a dark strange loner that is also a vicious animal at the same time. so i really believe that he could be our next wolverine.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Jeffrey has played a superhero before in the movie "Watchmen". his character in the movie had a couple features of wolverine. but he has a look that can pass for wolverine pretty easily. if he got the part i feel he could really give us a great wolverine.

And my fifth choice:

Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt.
Brad Pitt.

Now brad Pitt is hands down one of the greatest actors of our time. given his acting abilities Brad can really bring a phenomenal wolverine to life if given the part. there really is not much else to say because his work speaks for it's self.

So there you guys have it, these are the actors i believe can be our next wolverine. let me know out of these actors who you think would be the best for the part and if you have someone else in mind feel free too drop his name in the comments below. if you have any questions about my choices or want me to cast something else put it in the comments.


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