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If you are a fan of comics, then you already know the Winter Soldier is Bucky Barnes, Caps old friend from his former life. Apparently, this is NOT meant to be a secret. In an interview with Sebastian Stan on set, he not only freely admits this, but talks in depth about the set up we all missed from the first movie and even speculates the future.

Sebastian Stan about playing Bucky:

It’s just so interesting because he stood out to me in the comics. He’s sort of like this tragic character, like you’d find in Shakespeare or something. I’m not trying to get all actor-y and blah blah. What I mean is just, it’s like this guy’s eternal struggle to try to find himself and try to be a good person in all the sense, that he’s learned that he’s supposed to be, and then this thing happens to him and then he goes on this whole path relearning about himself and what he has to live with and all the things that he’s done. You know, it’s such an interesting, heavy, and rich kind of character, and it’s just so exciting to me. It’s never black or white with him, there’s always these other things, there’s so much more to the character. And later on and when he eventually tries to find his place back in the world. But even when he’s quote end quote brainwashed and whatnot he’s still dealing with the dreams and nightmares so on, and he doesn’t know where it’s coming from. It’s kind of like taking a really unstable person and putting them in one of the most dangerous weapons, and just go, go into the world and see what happens. It’s a cool ride that way.

My question is "If Bucky isn't the secret...what is? And who is the villain?" All questions to be answered.

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