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As almost everyone knows by now it was Thanos who was in the post credits scene of the first Avengers. For those not in the know He is a member of a race called the Eternals from the Planet Titan who fell in love with Death, who to him looks like a Beautiful Woman. In order to woo such a powerful woman, Thanos assumed he would need to be the most powerful being in the Universe. To this end He created the Infinity Gauntlet to hold the Infinity Gems (the most powerful gems in the universe, which would make their owner like a God).

The Rumor floating around is that this will be the possible plot for the third Avengers Movie and it does seem as though Marvel is headed in that direction. There are six Infinity Gems total- Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, Time, and Power and we have already seen three of them- Space, Mind, and Power so let's look at the Movies up to this point and the Gems that have already been introduced first and then I'll give you my take on which remaining Gem will appear in which upcoming movie. Lets begin:

The First Gem is the Space Gem, which opens Portals in Space (Think Teleportation as in Star Trek). It has been seen in Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and the Avengers Movie. It was last seen in Odin's Vault on Asgard. (Remember this for later).

The Second Gem to be introduced was the Mind Gem, which allows its bearer to mind control anyone it touches. It is the gem that was in Loki's Staff in the Avengers and the gem that so many people were upset about (including Jeremy Renner) since it made Hawkeye basically a puppet for most of the Movie. It is believed to be somewhere within S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Third Gem we have seen to date (If you have watched Thor:The Dark World) is the Power Gem which basically turns Matter into Dark Matter (think about how a Planet or Star explodes and becomes a Black Hole). This is the Gem that is *Spoiler Alert* turned over to the Collector at the end of the Film for safe-keeping. But he seems to have ulterior motives in having it. We'll just have to wait and see what they are for now. (Remember this as well).

Those are the Gems we have seen to this point, now for my speculation on what gem will be in which upcoming movie prior to Avengers 3 coming out:

The next Gem to be introduced will be in Guardians of the Galaxy (out Aug 1, 2014) and even though most people think it is the Reality Gem, they can't explain why it would be in that movie. I don't think it is the Reality Gem, but rather the Time Gem and have a good theory for believing that to be true. Looking at the Official Synopsis for Guardians of the Galaxy it states in part that "brash adventurer Peter Quill finds himself the object of an unrelenting bounty hunt after stealing a mysterious orb coveted by Ronan, a powerful villain with ambitions that threaten the entire universe." So, Who exactly is Ronan and what would get him interested in the Gem? In the comics he is known as Ronan the Accuser and was part of an alien race called the Kree. Although he considered himself to be a neutral figure, he often had unorthodox methods when it came to getting what he wanted. For instance, he…accused a lot of people and tended be a violent guy, specially when he wouldn't have proof to back up his accusing of someone and would have to let them go due to lack of evidence, etc. (Think Judge Dredd). Now imagine someone like that who finds out there is a guy who has stolen a Gem that can supposedly control time. A Gem that can be used to commit illegal acts without fear of being caught since you can time travel in order to escape. then you find out this thief doesn't know he can do those things...yet. So, if you can find and capture him you can then take possession of the stone and you will always be able to prove that anyone you accuse is guilty by simply using the stone to go back in time and frame them without fear of getting caught yourself. That is why I think the Time Gem will be the one in GOTG.

That just leaves two Gems- The next one I believe will be shown will be the Reality Gem instead of the Time Gem for the same reason most people think it is the Time Gem. You see, most people think that the only way that two Ant-men can exist in the same movie is through Time Travel which is possible with the Time Gem as I stated Above. However, I believe that it is also possible and makes more sense for Marvel to make their being in the same place at the same time be due to someone using the Reality Gem because it can actually change Reality. Lets think for a moment about the two Ant-Men in question in the Comics: First you have Hank Pym, who is a known as Wife Beater whose wife left him for a better life. Then you have Scott Lang, who according to his wiki couldn't support his family and turned to a life of crime. He was captured and went to prison, got out on good behavior, and then broke into Hank's home and stole his Ant-man Tech to save his Daughter and her Doctor (Who had been Kidnapped). After saving them He tried to turn himself in, but was given the suit to use for good instead. Now, you tell me two other heroes that would want to time travel/change their reality more then these two. However, going back in time would also change all the Good things they have done as well. Since the Reality Gem changes Reality to its bearers whim, don't you think it would make since that one, if not both of these Ant-Men would prefer it to the Time Gem?

Finally we arrive at the last of the Infinity Gems- The Soul Gem which I believe we have already seen evidence of in Thor: The Dark World's end credit scene. As I have already stated before there have been two Gems in Thor films so far- The Space Gem (Which was the first one shown) is in Odin's Vault on Asguard and the Power Gem (Shown in Thor: The Dark World), which is with the Collector (Who would give it to Loki to keep it away from Thanos if he was tricked). During the after credit scene of Thor: The Dark World we see that Odin is in fact Loki in disguise. Since everyone knows that Loki is a Manipulator most people just assume that he is using trickery and manipulation to get people to believe he is his father. I offer you a different, more probable explanation in my belief that Loki has somehow gotten a hold of Adam Warlock's Soul Gem. The Soul Gem does many different things to the Soul as its name implies. For Example:

It can Attack the Soul of anyone, even someone as powerful as Odin.

It can Collect and Trap souls in Limbo.

It can access the Memories and Skills of the Souls trapped within it.

Lastly, It protects its bearer's Soul from being attacked or discovered by someone like Dr. Strange, Adam Warlock, or anyone else who could normally detect and fight against it.

Now tell me that doesn't sound like exactly what Loki is doing in the end credits of Thor: The Dark World? It makes perfect sense that he used the Gem to trap his Step-Father's Soul, used holograms or hallucinations to make people think he was his Father, and would know all of his skills & have his memories as well thanks to the Gem.

There you have it folks, all of the Infinity Gems, what movies they have been in to date, what they do, and where I think the others will show up. What do you think, do I present a good argument for my beliefs or do you have a different take on what will transpire before Avengers 3 hits theaters somewhere around May 5, 2017? As always, comment below and follow me on [email protected] or on facebook at The Entertainment Writer.


Do I present a good argument for which Gem will appear in which Movie?