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Once again the only news we've got for Batman vs. Superman comes from nosy neighbors who happen to live near possible filming locations.

We already know scenes have been shot at a stadium at the East Los Angeles College, while neighbors also spotted filming equipment at the location used as Kent Farm in Man of Steel. Now, residents have spotted activity at a former Girl Guides' site in Metamora, Michigan.

According to a local NBC news report, a production company has moved into the disused ground and begun constructing a building near to Otsikita Lake. Check out the news report below:

Of course, officially this is all a rumor, since no official source has confirmed the film being made at the site is indeed Batman vs. Superman, but as well as the evidence mentioned in the video, there is also a little bit more. Firstly, y'know those 'Sage' signs which appeared several times in the news report? Well, the code name under which Batman vs. Superman is being filmed is apparently 'Sage & Milo'. Secondly, we already know Batman vs. Superman was expected to film some scenes in Michigan. Sure, it's not 100% proof, but a lot of this evidence does add up.

Unfortunately, there's no solid information on what the location is being used for. Some internet speculators have suggested it could be the location for Wayne Manor, although the small amount of building materials (and the proviso they return the site to its previous state) suggests it's being used for something less permanent or pivotal. With this in mind, could the location be used as some kind of hideout or lakeside retreat?

What do you think? Any ideas on what this site could be used for? Give us a suggestion below.


What do you think the lakeside filming location could be for?


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