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The story of Maleficent focuses on the evil fairy queen - played in this film by Angelina Jolie - but there are other fairies in the story of Sleeping Beauty, too. And now for the first time they have been shown as they will appear in the film.

These fairies "Knotgrass", "Flittle", and "Thistletwit" are markedly smaller and cuter than the dark and imposing Maleficent. But they are crucial to the story. In the original at least, it was they who stopped Maleficent's curse from killing the young Sleeping Beauty, changing the spell so that it made her fall heavily asleep rather than putting her to death.

Take a look at the fairies here:

The movie will not only tell the story of Sleeping Beauty, but it will look at the origins of the captivating evil fairy queen. In this telling, Maleficent is so cruelly betrayed as she attempts to protect the forest she lives in from an invading army, that her heart turns to stone. Her curse on Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) is part of her struggle against the invading king's successor.

So do you like the look of this film? What do you think of the three fairies shown here? And do you think that Maleficent's heart will melt before she is defeated and her curse on Aurora lifted?

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Do you think Maleficent is a good character, underneath her evil exterior?


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