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Robert Pattinson proves that he is just like the rest of us: when he isn't working, he dresses in casual clothes, however take a look at the transformation which takes place when he is filming on location in Toronto, Canada, for new film Life.

Modern day Rob
Modern day Rob

The Anton Corbijn-directed film chronicles the friendship which evolved between Magnum photographer Dennis Stock (Pattinson) and movie star James Dean (Dane DeHaan); whilst the two were road tripping from LA to New York. The trip was part of an assignment for Life Magazine which took place during the final year of the 24-year-old actor's short life, and would go on to redefine the very idea of photojournalism.

In the photo below, Rob shows that he can scrub up pretty darn well in order to transform into the suarve 1950's style sophisticate that the role requires: including slicked back hair, complete with suit and tie.

Do you prefer the smarter Rob to the more disheveled version?



Source: Mail


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