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Fans of the Preacher series of comic books have a lot to be thankful for. Firstly, the series is getting an AMC television adaptation, secondly Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen are on board to deliver, and thirdly, they claim they are sticking as closely to the comics as possible.

Although The Walking Dead only flirts with its original comic book inspiration, in a recent interview with Collider, Evan Goldberg revealed the extent to which they'd try to stay faithful to the comics. He explained:

We just had a meeting with AMC and Garth Ennis, who’s the writer, and we all kind of seemed to agree that we’re gonna stay as true to the comic as we can. We need to change some stuff but we’re not gonna change much, I hope. We’re just gonna do a little more of the preamble instead of doing flashbacks and restructure how we dole out the information a little, but we’re gonna [do the] same characters, same story, same ending. We’re gonna try to stick to Preacher as best we can. We’re making it with Sam Catlin who did Breaking Bad, and so he might tell me I’m wrong about all of this and that the real way to do it is different because he’s much smarter and better at all this than I am. But we’re gonna try to stick to what it is as best we can.

He also went on to explain why the comic-book series was developed into a TV series rather than a film. The main reason, it seems, was simply the vast scale of the original story - in particular the 'love triangle' between Jesse Custer, Tulip and Cassidy. Here's what Goldberg had to say about it:

It’s too big; you can’t do that in a movie. It’s just too big. You’ve gotta learn the characters, it’s all about a love triangle and you need to grow with them and see the woman swayed one way or the other, and in a movie you just can’t accomplish all that.

What do you think? Does this sound like the best way of doing Preacher? Drop your opinion below.


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