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24 is back, and the new series 24: Live Another Day will see infamous terrorist torturer Jack Bauer on the run from both the American and Russian governments, and hiding out in London.

The series sees Jack in London at the same time as the U.S. president makes a perilous visit. Take a look at the trailer here, which is full of Jack's usual renegade attitude and sees him pronounce: "If an American President is assassinated on foreign soil, you're looking at a World War."

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This series might have better been called 12, rather than 24, given that unusually for a 24 Season it will only have a 12 episode run - and it will skip some hours between episodes.

There are plenty of big names, however, to make up for the series' shortened run.

Game of Thrones' Michelle Fairley will appear in the show as the widow of a terrorist - and, while unconfirmed, it is possible that her character might mirror the real-life story of the so-called "White Widow", a British girl who married one of the men that detonated bombs on the London tube - and who then left England, and is to this day on the run from the law, believed to be in Somalia.

Stephen Fry, who appeared as the Master of Lake-Town in The Hobbit, is also set to appear.

So are you looking forward to seeing Jack back on the screen? What role do you think Fairley will play? And will this be the last outing for the notorious terrorist hunter Jack Bauer?

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Will this be the last time Jack Bauer fights off terrorists?


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