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I don't think anyone is left to convince that this really is the age of television, having been indulged with many incredible and captivating TV programmes of late. Just in case you're fearing the onset of bereavement which will inevitably follow the season finale of True Detective, then fear not, because the 7 noble Houses will be back to battle it out once again for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms for the fourth season of Game of Thrones on April 6.

Check out the new trailer which is entitled Secrets:

Here's the season 4 synopses via

In the wake of the Red Wedding, how does the North pick up the pieces and with their greatest enemy seemingly crushed, where does that leave the Lannisters. Daenerys Targaryen now has an army but is she ready to take back her homeland. Does Jon Snow turn south to seek revenge or remember his duty along the Wall?

Are you desperate to watch season 4 Game of Thrones?

This trailer looks



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