BySampson Goliath Asfeld, writer at
Sampson Goliath Asfeld

Since my last post, my sources told me that there's an update to the biggest superhero movies in the pipeline for 2014 and 2015. Excitingly, they caught a glimpse of a first draft for an unknown movie script, and are now saying that Dr. Strange, Aegis, Moon Dragon, Sun Dragon, Ape Man, the Inhumans, Kang, Moon Knight and American Eagle may appear in the same movie together!

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My sources also said that this same writer will try to make a script for Aegis, Blade, Dr. Strange for the first phase of the Illuminati. In addition, it is rumoured that by phase 2 of the illuminati, there may even be an appearance by Mad Jim Jasper or even Captain Ultra!

I'll keep my ear to the ground: keep checking back for updates!


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