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"What say we gank some evil sons of bitches, and we raise a little hell?" Most of you know the picture and this question to be associated with the hit CW series, Supernatural, where brothers Sam and Dean hunt demons and monsters, ridding the world of their evil. What if that evil were to become more familiar? More than just legends, folklore, and mythology? What if Sam and Dean were up against...Jason Voorhees?

After recently purchasing and watching the documentary film Crystal Lake Memories: A Complete History of Friday the 13th (which I highly recommend for Jason fans who like to know about behind-the-scenes extras), I saw an old cut-scene of Jared Padalecki in the Friday the 13th remake and that's when the random idea came to me. More of a joke at first like, "Hey, if only Jensen [Ackles] were in this, then Sam and Dean could've made it a good movie!" Can you just imagine them shooting everything, from salt and holy water to silver and iron, at Jason, with little to no effect?

As I pictured Jensen Ackles screaming, "How do we gank this thing?!", I thought...wouldn't that be an awesome idea? To pit the Winchesters against not only the Crystal Lake killer, but also other killers like Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers?

Though I know it'll never happen, mostly due to character rights and budget concerns, I like to think about what it would be like. Camp Crystal Lake is experiencing a number of grisly murders and now Sam and Dean are there to stop the culprit. Jason has been killed off in so many ways, ranging from drowning and being stabbed, to being covered in toxic waste and being blown up, so to see the Winchesters research ways to "gank" him one final time would be such a thrill for both Friday the 13th fans and Supernatural ones.

I know it's a silly concept, that fans are probably still angry with Freddy Vs. Jason, and that Padalecki being in the remake creates continuity issues (because Hollywood totally cares about continuity), but I'd love to see either a feature film or a special TV event about this and I think it would be hilariously awesome.

Like the idea? Hate it? Want to see the Winchesters up against someone else? Comment your thoughts!


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