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Jason Hough

The Blogmen would like your help in spreading the news about their premiere movie, Snow.

Jason Hough and Alex Gibson (The Blogmen) have spent the last year promoting independent artists all over the country, including filmmakers, comic book artists and writers, graphic artists, and more. And now, they are looking to take the next step in their adventures, by spinning off Blogmen Media and filming their first movie, Snow.


The idea behind “Snow” came from a collaboration effort between Jason’s love for comic books and horror movies and his children and wife’s love for fairy tales. So what would the best solution be to do, but mash ‘em all together, right? Then adding Alex's creative talents to give the story the hook it needed, we finally had something to be proud of.


Stephanie Danielson
Stephanie Danielson
LeeAnna Vamp
LeeAnna Vamp

The Blogmen are very excited about the cast and crew who have joined them on this venture. Stephanie Danielson (Muck, Femme Fatales) is a seasoned actress who will be playing the lead role. LeeAnna Vamp will play the villain of the movie. Also starring are Ellie Collins, who is currently playing a small role on CW's Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals, and Richard Hench (Red Shoe Diaries).

Matt Silva
Matt Silva

To lead the special effects and makeup department, The Blogmen turned to Matt Silva, who is best known for his work on The Walking Dead, Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, and The Three Stooges Movie. Not only will he be providing awesome effects to Snow, but backers of this campaign will have the opportunity to experience his work first-hand with full creature makeovers.


There are a lot of awesome rewards you can get for backing Snow, including DVD or Blu-ray sets, metallic posters and trading cards, official posters, signed scripts, chances to be on the movie set, and even the opportunity to join the Blogmen in creating your own death scene!


If successfully funded, The Blogmen will begin working on the film immediately. All of the cast and crew are ready to show up for work at the end of May into early June. The Blogmen have carefully planned out the schedule and have the locations secured and ready to go. All they need is YOU. Please take a minute to check out the campaign via the link below. Find the reward that excites you the most, and click on the green button that says "Back this project".

Kickstarter Campaign:


For more information about Snow or to contact the Blogmen, use any of the following links:

Email: [email protected]




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