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Nicolas Carmona

Last week’s episode of T Walking Dead was a bit slower and more focused than before, this time instead of jumping between two groups we only have Daryl and Beth. It was an alright episode, the pacing affected it but the underlying meaning was what mattered the most.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

Here we have two completely different characters, the sweet girl that is Beth and the though guy that is Daryl. They are both dealing with the aftermath in their own way, for Beth she wants to drink and eventually cries her sorrows, while Daryl is pushing it all down. Throughout the episode we constantly see Beth trying to be though but her personality is not that way; however, towards the end when she and Daryl argue she doesn’t back down and to me this scene is what the whole episode was leading to.

Their argument started because of a dumb drinking game, Daryl a bit affected by the glorious moonshine (Beth’s first drink) started breaking down in his own way, he had been resorting to his old self throughout the episode and this was his turning point. Here we see how strong Beth is, she might not be able to destroy a tank like Daryl or decapitate 26 walkers like Michonne but emotional strength is strength none the less and dealing with the situation is what shows this strength. Thought the episode she is the one that constantly needs saving or comfort, but when Daryl breaks down she is the one that comforts him which to me was a really nice scene.

At the end of the episode, they are survivors, they are unsure of what happened to the rest and for the most part their hope has left them. But to carry on in this world they decide to burn a similar home to Daryl and with it they burn their past and everything they were holding onto that placed a weight on them. This is both good and bad in a way, good because they wont be hunted by their past, but this doesn’t mean that the ones that are alive are completely forgotten and when they get together again a lot of feels will return…but for the good, possibly before the bad and most likely season finale.

Like I said nothing much happened, but it was necessary to see these two characters develop, which was the purpose of the episode. Beth is not a kid anymore and Daryl is not the lonely guy anymore, they both will carry on into this world and be prepared for what comes next. A bit boring but I liked the episode for what it meant.


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