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Nicolas Carmona

On this episode we are back at more than one group development and things are starting to get rougher... or better as we draw in close to the finale.

**Will Contain Spoilers** Here we are split between Daryl and Beth story and Sasha, Bob and Maggie’s story (but it’s mostly Sasha’s and Bob’s); we begin the episode with a pre-prison look of Bob, him surviving and eventually meeting Daryl and Glenn, who ask him the three main questions and is allowed to join. I get that this second half of the season has more focused on character development that in a lot of previous seasons lacked, I really like this initiative because a series gets dull when you stop caring for the characters, and what TWD is doing is giving us their past and their present and getting us closer to them… so when they kill them off we feel a whole lot worse and cry for month’s end waiting for the next death. Anyway we continue through a really cool fog fighting scene, they keep coming up with great and creepy ways to encounter walkers, more on that later, so kudos to the writers.

Maggie is still determined to find Glenn and she is not stopping at nothing, she even leaves Sasha and Bob behind because she doesn’t want them to risk their lives for her. So we are left with these two fairly new characters that we know very little, one is an alcoholic the other seems like nothing matters to her anymore, not even her brother. Through their journey trying to catch up to Maggie and seeing blood graffity around, we see that they are two polar opposites in dealing with this situation; Bob has always been left alone after his previous groups have been destroyed and for once he isn’t alone and this makes him happy; whereas Sasha is still very pessimistic without hope that anybody else survived and that they just need to find a place to live now. We see through the episode them reflecting off of each other as we learn more and this is really good for the show. Eventually Bob parts with Sasha in look for Maggie and when she is setting up camp she sees the person they were looking for, after a cool street fight that could’ve come off from anime with street signs as swords and a stake the size of a tree Sasha has a waking up moment and along with Maggie they catch up to Bob, who is even happier that they are all together and they are now going to Terminus for sure to find Glenn.

On the other side of the episode we have Daryl and Beth, now Beth is learning how to shoot the crossbow and to track but her skills aren’t as good as she thinks, specially after she mentions “I won’t be needing you soon” , she gets trapped by a bear trap and Daryl comes to the rescue. With her hurt they find this funeral home, that is too clean for the zombie apocalypse and it is clear someone has been living there (Gabriel maybe?), in here they bond some more (a lot of people say like siblings a lot are shipping them romantically….I don’t know anymore what to think of their relationship at the moment). Daryl sets up an alarm and now we see the results from last week’s episode, where Daryl is not as grim and dark as he was, he has hope now, something that rubbed off from Beth and Beth looks tougher… even after getting wounded by a bear trap. The alarm goes off thanks to a one eyed dog, Daryl goes back and gets a front row coffin to Beth’s concert when another alarm goes off, thinking it’s the dog again he is careless and surprise surprise it’s a heard of walkers. This is the beginning of the crucial point of the episode, Daryl tells Beth to go and he starts doing one of his most bad-ass moments of the series by killing so many walkers, and by great methods too! After this he goes to find Beth and he sees a car leaving Beth’s stuff on the floor, what does he do? Like the bad-ass runs after the car for miles and miles, very heartbreaking moment because obviously he doesn’t catch up to it and at a cross roads there is no way to find out where to go. Here Joe appears, the leader of the gang that trapped Rick two episodes ago, he first gets hit by Daryl but liking that he uses a crossbow offers him to get hurt or hurt other people, Daryl decides to go with him. I honestly don’t think Daryl is going to join the gang, he is doing what he must to survive but at the first chance he gets he will leave, he is not a bad person and his character has evolved so much to be influenced by other people like that. So now we are left with Daryl hanging out with the wrong crowd, and Beth kidnapped by who knows who.

As of the end of this episode, Glenn finds one of the Terminus signs which means Daryl and Beth are the only ones not heading there, but I have a feeling the gang has something to do with Terminus and they will end up heading there, where good and bad things will happen. I have a feeling Bob is going to die at the end of the series…but who knows, next week’s episode is Tyreese and Carol centric, which we haven’t seen them since episode 10, they might be the first ones to Terminus but also we are getting closer to the end of the season and by now anything can happen. Still very confused with the title of the last episode named “A” which doesn’t say much and if I think A and The Walking Dead I think Alexandria, but I doubt these two are connected right now.


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