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**Will Contain Spoilers**

It seems the break helped Agents of Shield because it came back better than ever! Here is AoS in 5:

5. Story image

Ever since the beginning we have been wondering how the hell did Coulson survived, and little by little the show has been giving us bits and pieces. On this episode they have to dig deeper, to be able to save Skye they have to find out what happened to Coulson. This revealed many things, for instance it wasn’t done at a SHIELD facility, it also had weird compounds in his body and the Clairvoyant doesn’t know about it (and they seem to know everything, *cough* HYDRA *cough*). This episode not only felt more personal but it also felt grander than before, not because the scope they tackled on but because they worked like what SHIELD seems to work, they even had to get more agents and it just worked well. Not an over the top story, not a boring story, the perfect story to continue giving us answers and more questions about the show and it’s future. Next episode will have a Thor connection, a more direct one than the one before, which hopefully it will work. I like how the show stopped trying to be a spin off of a movie, it started becoming it’s own show just that it’s part of a bigger universe and I really like how they are approaching this now, butt all I am seeing with this approach and with this new “Uprising” theme is that something is in the works and it seems that they are strongly going to tie the show to Capt. America (need I say it again? If they are not Hydra I need a suspension of my nerd card), not a bad thing because events in one have to affect the other, but very important because if you follow both they will both carry each other and I think this is what they originally wanted with the show, something that can stand on it’s own two feet like this episode but something that has a bigger underlying connection to the Marvel Universe.

4. Budget use

Best image I could find regarding their CGI here.
Best image I could find regarding their CGI here.

With their Uprising, they seem to have spent better the huge budget the show has. Here we actually got to see really cool effects not only from the plane but also in this facility and the sets and also with the technology used (and the final scene part). This is something I have been wanting them to do for a while, they have a big budget but they have been using it very poorly and I think that is something that affected the show. But I knew they were going to improve things and this episode is a clear representation of that; next episode we might even see more since we will see two Asgardians fighting on Earth.

3. New members?

We all have known that there were going to be new inclusions to the team, we just don’t know who and when they will appear. But if they go with the two characters introduced in this episode I will totally love it! They bring something to the group that even though didn’t seem to be missing, with them it felt more complete. They enhanced the attributes of the other characters and their chemistry was amazing specially between Coulson and [find guys name]. They were a big part of the reason I really liked this episode and if they decide they will be the ones that continue in the show I will be very glad.

2. The team

Like I said before, the show shines when the team actually works as a team and this was possibly the best representation of that. We get the tactical doing their job, the scientist doing theirs and the leaders leading; not to go too much into detail but it felt like this was a real SHIELDS operation and it felt that this is how the team works best. Fitz as always my second favorite character, he did great and his chemistry with everyone seems to be improving. I think if they keep it up the show will have a believably factor that this is a true team…. Also the absence of Skye might have helped since I think she is the weakest of all.

1. The cure?

So this little cure we saw, some sort of alien or human (that looks like a cut up Dr. Manhattan), this is the biggest twist of the episode - not because it revealed something shocking that nobody saw coming, but because it brought up many more questions than it answered…it actually didn’t answer anything. Also how will Skye be affected by it the serum? What is that humanoid thing? How the hell is Coulson alive?!?! Uprising is possibly the best the series has been so far and hopefully it will continue.


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