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SO, Who would win a fight between......
Lloyd Peyton

I was watching an episode of "Arrow" and they showed an extended version of the next episode with the "Suicide Squad" and in the clip, they showed a glimpse of Amanda Waller. Now we have been blessed with some great actresses such as Pam Grier on "Smallville" and Angela Bassett in "Green Lantern. So, I started the gerbils running on their wheel and I thought to myself, "Who would I want to see play Amanda Waller, if she was going to be in the Justice League movie?"

So here are my picks that I though would be a great choice, if they were to have her in JL.....mind you, I came up with these picks as a fantasy casting. There have been no news nor rumors that Amanda Waller will appear in the movie.

First Choice: Gabrielle Union

Second Choice: Sanaa Lathan

Third Choice: Kerry Washington

Fourth Choice: Regina King

Fifth and final choice: Zoe Saldana

What do you think of my picks? Who would you cast in the role?


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