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Bloody Disgusting have delivered us a new menacing film still of Till Kleinert’s new German horror film Der Samurai. It comes at the same time as this years Tribeca Film Festival from April 16. to April 27. which will mark the 13th edition of the New York based Festival.

The above is a still from the film which Bloody Disgusting debuted on their website and here is a summary to accompany it:

A samurai-wielding figure wearing a white dress lurks menacingly in the forest, waiting to descend upon an unsuspecting village in the muddy backwaters of rural East Germany. As heads roll with each stroke of his sword. Dutiful, straight-laced cop Jakob becomes increasingly powerless to resist the draw of the Samurai’s feral otherness. The two enter into a bizarre folie à deux as Jakob is forced to confront his own carnal impulses that he has long sought to repress.
Does this sounds like the kind of horror you could get on board with?

This film sounds

Source: Bloody Disgusting


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