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I never thought watching a deposition could be a roller coaster ride of emotions, but Bieber has totally proved me wrong with his stellar showmanship.

The standout performer of our time delivered some collar popping, eyebrow wiggling, smirking realness to the lawyers whilst simultaneously shovelling a grave for his career. Such multitasking!

Take a look below if you dare!

Every time Bizzle throws some six-year-old shade, or looks at his own face in the camera lens, a Belieber rips his smug face down from her wall and uses it as Hamster bedding.

I have absolutely no idea what Justin Bieber's master plan is, but I think he might be forgetting that 98 percent of his fans need parents to ferry them to his gigs. And, If there is one thing any grown adult doesn't want to endure, its 2 hours of confronting the fact their child looks up to a confirmed arrogant a-hole whilst their eardrums get shredded.

My only conclusion is that maybe Bieber is some sort of evil PR genius and, in a attempt to mend his crippled public image, he wanted to wow us with his impressive acting talent. I can't think of any other reason that the petulant pop pustule would have delivered this Oscar worthy display of douchery and, if my theory is correct, he really did a great job! I went from laughing to cringing to sitting on my hands so I didn't murder my computers in just six minutes which is no mean feat. Maybe he really is a prodigy...

Or, in the more widely accepted viewpoint, a Mariah Carey grade tantrum hurling diva with less smiling and more hookers. You decide.


Justin Bieber is...

(Source: Huffington Post via TMZ)

(Images: Star Crush via Pacific Coast News and E! Online via TMZ)


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