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You've probably already read about them; the post credit spoilers from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We get a glimpse of Baron Von Strucker AND the 'WONDER' Twins, Peitro and Wanda Maximoff aka Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. As I predicted earlier in a rundown of the movie (here), we get a look at both. But what surprised me a little was that we see them in the same scene! But upon 'old school' recollection, it makes perfect sense. Allow me to elaborate.

I have been saying all along that Marvel seems to be following the Avengers continuity somewhat closely with a few alterations here and there. The original Avengers were the Hulk, Ironman, Thor, Antman and Wasp. Captain America actually didn't come in until issue 4. After that he took the reigns after all the other founding members quit. He filled the ranks with three former villains; Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

Do I have your attention yet?

The mutant twins, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were formerly under the leadership of their father, Magneto, and were members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. So here lies the problem. You can't call them mutants and you can't say that they are in any way affiliated with Magneto thanks to Fox's holding the rights to the Xmen and all things Mutant.

Therefore, enter Baron Von Strucker as a sort of surrogate father. He is German after all. But this explains clearly why we have Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch working along side Hydra. Because, just like in the comic's continuity, they were working for the enemy until they had a change of heart. We just have a different enemy for them to work with thanks to the craziness of movie rights and a split Marvel Universe in the theaters.

ALSO apparently they have Loki's staff from the first movie. Why is this significant? Well, at first I was skeptical, but it seems that the staff is carrying the mind gem, on of six Infinity 'gems' that is the center of this whole story arc and the object of Thanos' obsession. Also it's a MIND GEM aka it controls minds. Remember Hawkeye in the last movie? Who can forget right? Fans all over are still fuming that he spent most of the movie as a puppet of Loki. Now, apparently, we have the WONDER twins under the power of the same gem which just happens to be in the hands of Hydra.

So, there ya have it! Marvel continues to follow the comic continuity of the 60s and 70's by bringing three 'villains' (Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch) into the honored roles of the Avengers. But, this time, they're being made to do it. The fun part is we can expect other great characters to fill in the ranks leading up to Avengers 3. (Read more about my theory HERE).

So, it seems that someone is doing their comic homework and honoring the fans with a great story. Is it any wonder that the Avengers, after one movie, became the greatest comic movie of all time? It's called Continuity it.


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