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Michael Segovia

Have you ever wondered what could make your favorite superhero even more super? Or super evil? What about being undead? In the Marvel Universe zombies make an appearance and leave chaos and destruction in their paths. Turning many heroes into flesh devouring zombies whose appetites are never satisfied, as they travel the universe in search of food.

With the zombies making many different appearances in different stories such as The Ultimate Fantastic Four, X-Men, Spiderman and even The Hulk. Also some story line crossing with Ashley Williams from The Evil Dead series. It just leaves the question of simply WHEN? One could imagine it's in the minds of the writers. With the Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out soon along with the new Captain America: Winter Soldier watch for more characters along with several goose eggs. A classic goose egg would the Captain America shield found in Ironman, when Agent Coulson hands Tony Stark the shield in which he uses it as a shim. With all the new heroes that get introduced over the years you might start to see or hear things that could lead up the the eventual zombie apocalypse of the Marvel Universe.


Which hero-Zombie would you most be afraid of?


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