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As a fan of everything super, Michael feels it is his duty to release new and exciting details surrounding everyones favorite movies.
Michael Williams Jr.

Over the last week we've had the privilege of seeing the new Flash Grant Gustin in the mask. Now the full suit has officially been revealed by the shows staff. As you can see in the picture I provided above they have done everything imaginable to capture the look on what a real life Flash would look like. I personally like the touch using the red background for the lightning bolt insignia. They have also made this suit out of multiple sections of fabric (Torso, legs, hands) are all made with the same material yet not the Flash one piece we've all grown to love.

I am the biggest fan of The Flash and seeing him on his own TV show after over 20 years is really a sight for sore eyes. Hopefully this new costume, actor, and new take on the world of superheroes growing darker and grittier such as Arrow has shown. Will really show the reality of the hero. Showing how his mother was murdered by a yellow "blur" now all whose read the comics knows. ( SPOILER ALERT ) the yellow "blur" was none other than Edward Thawne, also known as the reverse flash. Now knowing Flashes band of rogues we are in for not only a visual effects treat, but also a mess of elaborate schemes, made to push flash past his limits every time. I have high hopes for the flash series. After all it is being reborn in a time where superheroes are taking over the industry."Arrow" has been described as the best superhero show created. Due to its commercial success and the way the public reacts to superhero shows or movies mean new shows debuting. Such as Gotham, and The Flash, but i doubt these three DC shows will be the last of the ever growing superhero empire.


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