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Justin Foster

Does no one remember the last time there was this much hate for a Batman casting?

Allow me to remind you, there was a role in the Dark Knight that went to an actor whose most widely known role was that of a gay cowboy. The forums filled with countless posts that this one actor was going to take a beloved character and turn him into a bad joke. This went on from the moment of announcement all the way up till the movies premiere.

As soon as we all sat down and watched the movie however there was a massive 180 and many of Heath Ledger's most vocal detractors were the most vocal in supporting that casting. In fact I'd go on to say that Ledger's Joker has been labeled the definitive Joker.

Now here we are a few movies later and once again a role is cast and those very same people who claimed Ledger would ruin The Joker are screaming about how this major comic book fan boy, who runs in the same circles as a number of comic book authors, who has ran through a gamut of different types of roles covering everything from good to bad and from comedy to action will ruin the role.

And once again these people screaming about how disastrous its going to be are doing so because of ONE role in ONE movie. Not a vast spectrum of roles, not the man's personal back ground, nor even his acting chops. All I hear is "Look at Daredevil."

Yes let us...

Daredevil is the story of a blind man with extraordinary balance and abilities who puts his physically normal body on the line night after night. He fights from the shadows, and uses scare tactics to manipulate his enemies. The movie showed all of this, it showed how battered and broken his body was becoming, it showed how he had developed coping mechanisms to his enhanced senses. Unfortunately, the screen writer decided to cram about a years worth of storyline into a 2 hour movie.

We missed out on the characters driving obsession with capturing the murdered of his parent; we missed the characters training with the enigmatic Stick; we missed the realization brought on by a wounded lover that revenge is not the way, and is in fact unsatisfying.

You who claim Batfleck will ruin batman all seem to criticize Daredevil; and you seem to be blaming Ben Affleck. Who simply took the script he had and gave an, in all honesty, great performance as a blind actor who wears leather at night and gets in fights with people.

Had they done Daredevil like they are doing The Amazing Spider-Man, had they harassed Kevin Smith until he caved and he agreed to write the script and direct, the movie would have been a million times better.

So lets step away from Daredevil and examine the rest of the facts:

  • Ben Affleck has won 48 awards in his career (including two Oscars) out of 66 nominations.
  • Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen and Man of Steel) is directing.
  • This movie is written by Zack Snyder (see above) and David S. Goyer; Did you know Goyer worked on the screenplay for Man of Steel, all three of the Nolan bat-flicks and the Blade movies?

Looking at these, facts I'm a little confused. We have an award winning

Batfan cast as Batman

, we have a director who has done similar movies and has done them well, and a writer who has breathed new life into both halves of the upcoming movie.

What is there to worry about? Better yet... Why the hate?


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