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Leigh Whannel was at SXSW promoting his latest film, The Mule, and while that's intriguing in and of itself, people really want to know: What's the status of Insidious 3? He told Screen Rant:

"[Producer] Jason Blum will probably kill me if I say anything," Whannell said of the franchise's third installment. " ... But I can say that it's not based around the Lambert family anymore, it's not Rose Byrne's character -- which I actually really liked, going back and just wiping the slate clean and starting over again. It felt like writing the first film, 'cause you weren't bound to any particular character. ... It felt really good."

It was also confirmed that both Whannel and Angus Sampson will reprise their roles as Specs and Tucker, the franchise's lovable ghost hunters. If it's not connected to the ending of Insidious 2 or Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson's characters, where do you think the series will go?

Insidious 3 hits theaters April 3, 2015.

How are you feeling about this franchise now? The second didn't live up to the first for me. Let me know how you feel below and on Twitter.

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Which Insidious did you like better?


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