ByJoshua Paul Garner, writer at
Joshua Paul Garner

Costume designer for the highly anticipated, yet untitled Batman-Superman Project, Michael Wilkinson tweeted on March 9

"Great photo shoot today with amazing photographer Steven Simko - stand by for awesome photos in the next few weeks...."

So the photos have been taken. And we could expect them any day within "the next few weeks".Wilkinson is known for his costume designs in movies such as "Man of Steel" (of course), "Tron: Legacy", "Watchmen", And "300". Looks like he works a lot with Zack Snyder. I am excited to see what they come up with. I like the suit in Nolan's films, but I hope they go for something new and different, however I also hope they steer clear from the tights. I am a BIG fan of the "Batman Arkham Knight" design.

I would be very satisfied with something similar to that. What are you guys hoping Batman looks like in his upcoming film?


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