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Kurt Sutter is currently locked away in an underground bunker in the Californian desert (probably) furiously working on the seventh - and final - season of Sons of Anarchy (definitely).

However, from time-to-time Sutter escapes from his writing exile to take part in Twitter Q & A's and respond to fan questions about the show.

This week Sutter was asked who he would most like to cast in the final season of SoA. His response is awesome:

Casting bitch!

Aaron Paul of course found fame playing Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad and can be seen burning rubber this weekend in Need for Speed.

While I have no doubt that Paul would be a great choice as a new member of SAMCRO, his star might be burning just a little too brightly at the moment to convince him to return to TV.

What do you think? Would Aaron Paul be a good fit for Sons of Anarchy?


Would Aaron Paul be good for SoA?


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