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The last time R-Patz hit Cannes Film Festival it was with his beau Kristen Stewart, just months before the Rupert Sanders cheating scandal erupted. With that in mind, it is easy to see why the Twilight hunk hasn't been back since, but maybe the bad taste is finally leaving his luscious mouth.

There are whispers in the wind that Robert Pattinson could be accompanying director David Cronenberg to Cannes this year to promote his latest flick Maps To The Stars this year.

The Canadian director who has recently won a lifetime achievement award let slip that;

The plan is we should be in Cannes with Maps for industry stuff

This quote might be ambiguous to say the least, but it would make sense that the 'we' would refer to the stars of the movie shining alongside him.

Robert Pattinson on set for Maps To The Stars
Robert Pattinson on set for Maps To The Stars

Robert Pattinson plays a limo driver in the movie which is set for release this year, and Maps To The Stars is already generating considerable buzz. The producer Martin Katz compared the movie to the seminal Crash by saying;

It’s one of those movies that’s so audacious, it’s going to be a little like Crash, in the way that it affects people

I, for one, will be mostly looking or ways that Rob affects me! I am crossing all of my fingers that the actor heads back to Cannes because he has never looked hotter than he did on the red carpet there in 2012. Maybe there is something in the fresh French air?


What is your hottest Robert Pattinson moment?

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