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Ian Somerhalder arrived at SXSW on Saturday leaving a pile of swooning ladies, fanning themselves in his wake.

The star took to Facebook to tell his fans that he was heading to the festival to;

Join my brother Bryan Mooser and RYOT News

Somerhalder also took the time to interact with his fans via a live Facebook Q&A session in the Funny or Die Clubhouse, and he looked FANTASTIC whilst doing it!

The star showed he really knows how to work a crowd by whipping out his guns of iron, whilst also showcasing his sensitive side by rocking an Ian Somerhalder Foundation t-shirt.

After the chat was over, the hunkiest gentleman in Hollywood thanked his Facebook conversational partners by posting the image below:

Not content to spend the weekend interacting with his adoring fans, The Vampire Diaries Star also took the time to cozy up to Kevin Bacon on Sunday.

The pair seemed to really hit it off, and Bacon even took the time to post an image to his WhoSay account with his arm around Somerhalder. Poor Paul Wesley! I hope he isn't reeling with jealousy over having to share his BFF with such a huge name.

So, here's what I really want to know... Did any of you guys get to speak to the man himself on the Facebook Q&A? What did Somerhalder have to say? Don't be greedy, share the wealth!


Ian Somerhalder's best feature is...

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