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Last week, rumors emerged that Captain America himself, Chris Evans, might be taking a break from acting, perhaps in order to fulfill his new found love for directing. The star, who is soon to appear in the eagerly awaited Captain America: The Winter Soldier, has now clarified his comments, essentially confirming he will definitely be donning the ol' stars and stripes again.

Last week, Evans told Glamour UK:

I think when I’m done with this Marvel contract, I’ll take a little break from acting. With acting, you’re one piece in a very big puzzle. It’s like you helped buy a gift but you don’t know what the gift is, so you come back and see the movie. Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s tragic.

From his comments it wasn't entirely sure which particular 'tragic' movie he was discussing (although I can't imagine it was either Captain America: The Winter Soldier or his soon to be released post-apocalyptic sci-fi Snowpiercer), or when exactly his contract ended. This resulted in speculation that Evans would not be taking on any more roles following Captain America 2 or The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

However, he has since met with Collider to clarify the issue. He said:

Oh yeah, this was a big thing! I gotta watch what I say. I will absolutely clarify. I have a six-movie contract with Marvel and I absolutely plan on fulfilling them. This is without a doubt the biggest blessing in my life. Marvel has literally changed the game for me, and they make great movies. I did direct last year and it was a really fantastic experience, I really enjoyed it. So I’m certainly looking to do that a bit more, so when it comes to exploring other acting jobs I may not be as proactive in trying to find those, I may kind of stick with my Marvel universe in terms of getting in front of the camera, and then getting behind the camera outside of it.

So there you have it, Chris Evans has signed on for at least six Marvel movies. This means after Winter Soldier and The Avengers 2, Evans has two more Marvel movies to fulfill his contract (his Thor: The Dark World cameo doesn't count). Whether or not he extends this contract further is still open to speculation.

Evans recently changed career paths by directing his own romantic comedy, 1:30 Train, while he has also been appearing in more cerebral and original films, such as the above mentioned Snowpiercer. With this in mind, I could potentially see him ditching Captain America after his contract, although ultimately that might be depend on what kind of bucks Marvel offer him on its termination.

What do you think? Would you like Evans to continue after six Marvel movies, or is it time he moved on to something else? Let me know your opinion below.

Source: Collider


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