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I don't think that if I were trapped in an attempt to escape biting zombies, I would ever feel tempted to break out in song. But somehow, on The Walking Dead, it works. I think Beth's sad and wistful singing captures something of the desperate situation they all find themselves in, right? It's good.

The “Alone” episode of The Walking Dead is definitely the closest that they have ever gotten to having a 'musical' episode. Okay, it's no Glee, but do you remember after Bob Stookey’s opening background song in the woods (the song is the Blackbird Song by Lee DeWyze), Beth Greene sat down at the piano in a cemetery and sang to Daryl, as he got ready to rest in a coffin.

In a post-show interview after Sunday night’s episode on AMC, Emily Kinney spoke more about her singing than she did about any of the revolutionary events that is happening to her character, Beth Greene on the show at the moment.

Kinney, who is a musician and singer, has play concerts at The Walking Dead conventions like next weekend’s Walker Stalker Con in Chicago. Kinney said that lots of people have commented on her singing, and that it might actually be a good tactic for Beth to stay safe. She said that a reporter joked with her this week that “the kidnappers will just dump her on the train tracks the moment she starts to sing.” Do you think it's THAT bad?!

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