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Jason Squared
"Dead or alive, you should listen to this podcast!"

On that unnecessarily morbid note, it’s time for the Jason Squared RoboCop Retrospective. The Jasons discuss the politics of RoboCop, what makes a good satire, Reaganomics, the comic book overtones of RoboCop 2, ultraviolence in the two movies, the overarching story of the RoboCop trilogy, RoboCop vs. samurais, RoboCop vs. OCP and more!

(Jason Squared Podcast #56)

Hey guys, Jason "LBJ" Harris here. We're thrilled to be sharing the Jason Squared podcast with the wider world at Moviepilot, and I figured we should start off with a subject near and dear to my heart: RoboCop. We'll also be sharing our take on the RoboCop Remake in several days. After that, there will hopefully be a more consistent posting schedule, with maybe some random bonus episodes for content similar to the things we'll be discussing with new releases.

On a side note, I must have seen the RoboCop 2 theatrical poster up there hundreds of times. So how is tonight the first time I've noticed that Robo-Cain (aka "RoboCop 2.0") is reflected in RoboCop's helmet?


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