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So the reason Batman And Superman are not going to be on this list is because Henry Cavil will be Superman in Justice League and Ben Affleck has signed on to be Batman in Man Of Steel 2 and Justice League so I will just cast the rest, and im sure that Gal Gadot will be Wonder Woman as well. Also I am only doing the main people that will be in the movie like Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter then Justice League 2 would be Hawkgirl and the others.

The Flash- Ryan Gosling

I think Gosling would kill it as Flash! He did express interest for like 2 seconds but then said he didn't later on but he would still kick ass! I was also thinking Daniel Radcliffe because he said he would and that would be awesome too but I would pick Ryan Gosling over Daniel Radcliffe.

Martian Manhunter- Benedict Cumberbatch

So lots of people I have talked to actually dissed me on this but look at that photoshop! That is awesome! How could you not want him as Martian Manhunter?!?!?!? People also want him as Braniac but I want him as Martian Manhunter! He would kill it as this character!

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)- Nathan Fillion

I know alot of you are thinking that "Wait! This isnt the Jon Stewart Green Lantern", well yeah...I imagine that if they dont do Jon Stewart they will do Hal Jordan, now I dont know much about Jon Stewart because when I was a kid I grew up with Hal Jordan and Nathan Fillion would kill it!!!!! Hey, he would have done better then when Green Lantern was almost played by Jack Black and would have used his ring to throw giant condoms at enemies and summon strippers (Yeah, that actually almost happened, but you can pretty much guess why that never moved forward).

Aquaman- Triple H

Now my original choice was Chris Hemsworth but then everyone would complain that it would look to much like Thor and I cant think of anyone else as Aquaman so whatever, next choice!


Without the villians our heroes would have nothing to fight in the movie so im going to cast the villians that I think might make it into the movie and who should play them:

The Riddler- Michael C. Hall

My god, I think I am the one person on earth who want this so badly! I think this would be amazing! Just give Dexter a cane and a green suit and there! Riddler!

The Riddler (2nd Choice)- Leonardo Dicaprio

He was suppose to play Riddler in The Dark Knight Rises before they changed the villian to Bane, and he should play Riddler if Michael C. Hall cant or just wont do it, he would kill it!

Mr. Freeze- Joaquin Pheonix

Now before you get all mad at me, think about this for a second. Watch the movie "Her" with Joaquin Pheonix and listen to the way he talks, that would be what I want for Mr. Freeze, a more sensitive Mr.Freeze and he is sad because if he doesnt get enough diamonds he can't save his beloved wife, but I am just imagining him shooting the Freeze Gun at Batman and yelling at him or something and it looks pretty menacing, I want you to think about this casting for a moment and tell me what you think.


Anybody else want this? I do! I was also thinking of Vin Diesel but in the end I just went with Ron Perlman, even though most people want him as Deathstroke.

So there is my casting! And just in case you want to know who I want as Batman: Jake Gyllenhall, because he was almost it in Batman Begins.


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