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The new movie written and directed by Lars Von Trier, Nymphomaniac Part 1 was recently released on demand and I got the chance to watch it. It follows the story of a woman named Joe and her struggle with sex addiction throughout her young adult life. The movie is set up through chapters to better show each stage of her addiction and how she deals with it.

Going into this movie I had heard very mixed things about it. I knew that a lot of people were very excited for it and others could care less. I was sort of just in the middle. This is a movie where the scenes depicting sex weren't just depicting people having sex. The actors and actresses were actually having sex. Just that alone should intrigue people to check this movie out. After watching the movie I feel like the real sex wasn't even needed. Maybe in Lars Von Triers head, real sex was a better way to get his story across, but its not going to get the support of most of the general audience. In any case the real sex scenes in this movie were done very well.

This movie started out very strong with the first chapter. I was hooked into it with the extremely interesting story of Joe and how she discovered sex very early and soon found how addicted she was to it. I can't relate myself, but I guess I can see how this actually happens. As the movie went on I felt like it sort of dropped off a bit from the strong beginning. I got a little bit bored with chapter 2 and 3, but in chapter 4 it shows Joe and her relationship with her father. Not to give anything away, but it shows she actually has feelings and human emotions other than just wanting one night stands and ruining the lives of every man she sleeps with. I didn't mind chapter 5 either and the end of it does get you excited for what is to come in part 2 of Nymphomaniac.

Over all I didn't like this movie as much as I thought I would, but it was extremely "interesting" the entire time. This movie certainly isn't for everybody, but if you are a person that loves film like I do you will appreciate what this movie is trying to do. I don't think it brings light to sex addiction as well as some movies bring light to other situations people may be in; as well as say Dallas Buyers Club and Ron Woodruffs struggle with Aids back in the 60's, but I do think it gives you a pretty good story of this girl Joe and her addiction to sex that you can stand behind as a viewer.

Overall Grade: B+


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