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Nicolas Carmona

**Will Contain Spoilers**

Another spectacular episode with great new things. So here is Agents of Shield in 5:

5. Ward and May

This relationship from the beginning felt weird and they have corrected many things in this episode. By corrected I mean that they pretty much closed it or gave it some sort of closure to it. The reason I am mentioning this as one of my 5 things is because this is progression these characters needed, I feel that this story is closed and it was something kind of pointless from the beginning; you can clearly tell that Skye and Ward are going to have a thing and having a love triangle on this type of series kind of doesn’t mix well.

4. Lad Sif

Our first character from the movie universe that makes the appearance on the show and I gotta say it worked very well. I love her chemistry with Coulson and in general her presence, it felt believable that she was there and how everything was handled; in other words it felt that this existed easily in the larger universe. SHIELD finds out there is a possibility of Asgardians on Earth, nobody knows Thor is still on Earth and who better to take care of this issue than an Asgardian, so Lady Sif being there and not needing any of the avengers for this threat felt completely perfect. Overall I really liked Sif appearing and who wouldn’t this woman is gorgeous!

3. Skye

She is finally awake and to be honest I didn’t hate her on this episode, I believe she works a whole lot better when her role is minimized. Her functions during the matter at hand required her to stand there and she did what she could and it wasn’t too much for her character, I still feel she is the weakest point of the series but at least they are improving her and it’s something I am happy to see because as characters get better the show gets better.

2. Coulson

I love this guy, every time he is on screen he owns it on his own special way, either comical, excited (when Sif was there), or angry (when Simmons argued with him); Clark Gregg has so much range and I think he is perfect for this universe, I wonder if he is going to crossover between movie universe and tv. Anyway, as we got some weird answers last week we got more questions and now Phil is determined to finding out and it will be between him and Skye, something I am looking forward, I feel like everyone gets better the more they spend time with Coulson. The reveal this week was that May is on the inside on what happened to Coulson, I have a feeling that we are going to see Fury sometime soon.

1. Next Week!!!

I am so excited for this special, we are going to find out so much about the marvel universe, but what excites me the most is that we are going to get not only special clips for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, and even more exciting a first look at Avengers: Age of Ultron!!!! Great things are coming for the Marvel Universe and I like how they are connecting the TV universe to the Movie Universe and the way that they are doing it is fantastic now.


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