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This is a list of movies that I think and relatively unknown or I just feel enough people haven't seen them. I looked at the number of ratings on each of these movies and they're all quite low hence the title; you've probably never seen them. There's also the possibility that you have seen them, which is cool too. Also, these movies aren't all fantastic, but they are pretty good for some you haven't heard of before.

6. Goon

Sean William Scott stars in the movie about hockey which I really got more than I bargained for. I never seen this acting side to William Scott which is a nice guy (good break from Stiffler). There are some really stand out funny moments in the film with William Scott's pure awkwardness. He plays the nice guy who is able to beat the cr*p out of anybody. Worth a watch if you're stuck for a movie choice.

5. Smashed

Aaron Paul and Mary Elizabeth Winstead star is this gritty yet real tale of a couple whose relationship is purely built on alcohol. They are drunk all the time and they love it together, but when Kate (Mary Winstead) decides to become sober, the relationship takes some bumps. There is some fantastic acting here, Aaron Paul is wonderful and it's one of those many under-appreciated films out there.

4. Robot & Frank

This is a heart-warming story that's set in the future. There's no silly technology like flying cars or things like that, but there is a super-advanced robot that can fulfill anyone's orders/needs. Frank (Frank Langella) is a nostalgic thief who is too proud to be taken care of this new robot. Its nice to see the changes in dynamics in this film and it's a nice film worth watching.

3. Chronicle

This film may be the most popular on this list and some people may argue that this is a big film. Well, where I come from, nobody knows what this movie is and after only watching it recently I have to say I really enjoyed it. Dane Dehaan is absolutely electrifying and his acting talents are eerily raw in this grounded superhero flick. When 3 boys gain powers from a strange rock at a party, their lives turn around for better in some cases but for worse in other cases.

2. The Kings of Summer

The story about 3 boys who are sick of home and want to live on their own in the woods. This movie is beautifully shot and well acted. The soundtrack is memorable and the ending is done quite well also. This is no Michael Bay blockbuster, but it is a nice one to watch with your friends.

1. Drinking Buddies

I probably like this movie more than I should, but in saying that, it's still pretty great. Jake Johnson and Olivia Wilde star in the believable "love story" where they are best friends, both with other partners, but it's obvious that they are perfect for eachother. Right now it seems lovey-dovey and cheesy, but the way its done is incredibly real and grounded. Definitely worth a watch for the acting alone.

Let me know some movies you've seen that are unknown.


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