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After the first official image of the helmet was released in late February, the full body shot was finally shown on 11/03, but it's particular position still prevented to show the whole.

First official image of the full suit.
First official image of the full suit.

Well now lots of new set photos are coming online and most of them are (obviously) about the Flash suit. Now we can finally say we have seen the whole suit!!!

All these photos (expecially the last one) give us a really good look and close ups to the new suit. It recalls the New 52 look of the character, but with some serious chances. First of all the red color was darkened; the gold parts (like the boots or the belt), also if they are still there, have been minimized; the material isn't spandex and looks like leather (like the Daredevil film costume); the belt is separated from the costume, as well as the pants from the top part; the inside logo color is bright red instead of white.

Now before I'll start to criticize the suit, I want to say I quite liked it. Sure it's not the best they could have done, but I still think it looks pretty good for a TV costume.

I will start by saying that I don't like that much the color they used: Flash is a funny and bright character, why should you make his suit looks like Daredevil's? Oh yeah! The Nolan effect! The fact that the DC movies and TV shows must all be dark and sad. Plus look at Arrow's costume and personality: Queen has always been the joker of the Justice League and his costume has always been bright green, but in the show they went with a darker leather costume and his personality has been mixed with Batman's. For as long as they won't do the personality mix between Flash and Batman, I will not dwell on the leather costume.

I have to say I'm totally ok with the less gold: it would have looked too cheesy. Plus they didn't actually removed it all, they just played it down and in my opinion it was the right choice.

Now lets talk about the two thing that just don't look right: the logo and the belt. Well ok, the shape of the logo it's actually pretty damn good, but the inside color seems just off. The bright red doesn't fit at all in the mix and, at least in my opinion, the classic white would have worked WAY better. Plus they could have used that red for the whole costume and the white for the logo and it would have been perfect; here what I'm talking about:

Color scheme from the comics
Color scheme from the comics
Close up
Close up

Looks better, doesn't it?

Last but not least, the belt. It's not that bad, but, as the color of the logo, just seems out of place: pretty thick, large, darker and with that big...middle..."thing"? Also the embossed bolts works on the helmet, but really not that much on the belt. In my opinion they should have tried something way more thinner, that looked more like a part of the costume.

However other photos from the set show us Candice Patton as Iris West and the Central City Plaza.

Other photos were previously released showing a car accident.

Here's the video:

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