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Mark Newton

When Carrie Bennett and Mike Nugent started their usual days work at the Dry Dock, a bar in New Orleans Algiers Point, they probably didn't expect one of Hollywood's biggest directors to wander in.

In fact, the manager Carrie, didn't even notice Quentin Tarantino sitting in her bar, until Mike, a bartender, pointed him out. The pair approached the Django Unchained and Pulp Fiction director to ask if he wouldn't mind posing for a photo, and the result of that exchange can be seen below:

However, Nugent wasn't a man to let an opportunity like this slip through his fingers. He also used the chance encounter to try and grab a part in a future Tarantino flick. He told The Times-Picayune:

He was real cool. I gave him my information. I told him, if he ever needed a thug in any of his pictures, to call me.

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