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Kristen Bell has been stirring things up in the press recently and bringing to light the controversial practice of paparazzi targeting children. The star has showed all of the feisty courage of her on screen counterpart, Veronica Mars, and fearlessly raised the issue in the media.

Being hounded by the paparazzi is generally seen as merely a career complication for Hollywood stars and does not garner much sympathy, but Bell has stood up to fight her corner.

In an interview on the red carpet recently Kristen Bell was almost indistinguishable from super sleuth, Veronica Mars when she explained that it was imperative that we;

Start a conversation because something shady is going on behind the scenes

Bell then went on to explain how she is an outspoken person who wants her voice to be heard. Sound familiar to anyone?

I am glad that Bell still has the feisty, uncompromising spirit that made her famous as Veronica Mars all those years ago, but it has been a long time between the TV series and the brand new Kickstarter funded movie, so what has she been up to?

Take my hand and let me extinguish the flames of your curiosity as we take a trip down memory lane and explore the many talents of Kristen Bell!


Kristen Bell gets in on some reefer madness
Kristen Bell gets in on some reefer madness

Kristen Bell ain't just a pretty, high school Piorot: she is also over-brimming with vocal talent. The actress has taken part in a few projects that have stretched her vocal chords, some more well known than others. In 2005 Bell starred in Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical as bubbly, good-girl-turned-bad, Mary Lane. More fresh in the publics collective memory is, of course, her standout performance belting out the musical numbers as Anna in Disney's Frozen.


Kristen gets terrified in Pulse
Kristen gets terrified in Pulse

It is a little known fact that Kristen Bell has also taken part in a couple of horror movies. In 2006 she starred in Pulse, a remake of the Japanese horror movie, Kairo. The actress also had a blood spattered cameo with a twist in Scream 4.


Kristen Bell in Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Kristen Bell in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Kristen Bell is perhaps best beloved for her stellar sense of humor and comic timing, so it's only natural she has spent a lot of time making us howl with laughter between her Veronica Mars stints. While we all know about her box office hits such as 2007's Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Couples Retreat, there are some lesser-known surprises. Bell had a leading role in the Star Wars-themed flop, Fanboys and she has popped into the offices at Parks And Recreation as an Eagleton City Councilwoman, as well as playing hard-nosed catering queen Uda Bengt in Party Down.


Kristen Bell has also taken some unexpectedly strange career moves between her stints of sleuthing. She was the voice of "Mary Magdalene" in The Truth & Life Dramatized Audio New Testament Bible, a project which used celebrities to try and spice up the good book and she voiced Lucy in Assassins Creed for Playstation 3.

Kristen Bell goes full circle!
Kristen Bell goes full circle!

So, now you know what Bell has been up to in the past, we can look towards her bright future! Veronica Mars has finally been released after a cancellation and a passionate Kickstarter campaign, and the critics are lapping it up.

Thankfully, there is not long before we can see the marvelous Mars all grown up ourselves. The Rob Thomas directed movie hits the silver screen on March 14th 2014, so get ready to sleuth out some tickets!

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