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With the leaking of the post and mid credits of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we have a mass of speculations concerning Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch and their relationship to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The main problem being that Marvel could make no reference to the twins being Mutants or being connected to Magneto in anyway. Well, it seems we have an answer.

We have heard murmurings of an INHUMANS movie for the past three years. And, has been claiming for a while that they had a source close to the info that stated that the Inhumans were coming and would, somewhere down the line, would get their own movie. Just recently they checked their source again and our 'Miracle' twins are, according to said source, going to be a part of the Inhuman race.

The Inhumans go back to the early reaches of the history of our universe. Apparently, human life on Earth had already begun to blossom thanks to the Celestials. But the Kree Empire were in the midst of the beginnings of the Kree-Skrull war and our universe was apparently the halfway point between. The Kree began to experiment in ways to circumvent their genetic stagnation and create super soldiers to fight their war. Thus the Inhumans were born. The Kree abandoned their experiments for whatever reason, but left a mutated race spliced with Eternal dna.

So, in one fell swoop, Marvel fixes a dilemma. They have a race of super beings ready made to explain how Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch got their powers. Not MUTANTS but INHUMANS. Strange sidenote; Quicksilver, in the marvel comic continuity, married an Inhuman by the name of Crystal with whom he had a child with. Oh, and by the way, BOTH were Avengers at one time or another.

The Happy Family
The Happy Family

Also involving the Kree in the backstory connects the whole universe up nicely. The Krees are heavily represented in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY due out in August. The Krees were responsible for the AGE OF MIRACLES as seen in certain after credits spoilers recently. Thus, it seems, Marvel has done it again; tying up their whole franchise together even spanning galaxies.

Kree Warrior; Ronan the Accuser
Kree Warrior; Ronan the Accuser

Would I have rather they involved the twins father, Magneto and tied in the Xmen? Well, of course, but this, for once, is not a continuity bender I chose to rant about. It is simply the nature of the beast. The strange voodoo of movie rights dictatorships.


Apparently, Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, refuted these claims in an interview with the HUFFINGTON POST stating that there would be no connection between Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver and the Inhumans. Although, he did say the Inhumans was a project they were still interested in doing...sorry, the Miracle Twins will NOT be Inhumans. Still leaves the question: How will they dance around the MUTANT deal?


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