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Marvel is dominating the movie landscape right now to the point that a film we were all wildly buzzing about a few weeks ago (Guardians of the Galaxy) has gotten completely buried under the avalanche of news coming from the lead-up to the release of another (Captain America: The Winter Soldier). But Marvel's next ensemble juggernaut is sure to pick up steam of its own over the summer, and the cast members are beyond pumped to talk about how brilliant it's going to be.

The latest was former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan, playing the blue, bald, and deranged Nebula (the woman in the gif above about to get stabbity-stab on your ass). As it turns out, she had the time of her life in the villainous role - mostly because it was a villainous role. She sat down at SXSW with Variety to stump for her upcoming horror flick, Oculus, but the conversation quickly turned to Guardians of the Galaxy. Here are the highlights:

How different was it going from Oculus to James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy?

Weirdly, it was exactly the same. The same makeup tests and process, but just 20 times bigger. The production was bigger in terms of so many more people and we spent more time on more things. We shot a fight sequence for four days, and they made me train for two months to do that. There’s a beautiful attention to detail.

Tell me about Nebula.

Nebula is the female villain in the film, she goes around with Ronan the Accuser [played by Lee Pace] and their mission is to make the hero’s lives difficult, and be blue and bald and really good at fighting. She’s also got a really interesting relationship with Gamora [played by Zoe Saldana]. There’s a lot more animosity than you would first think. They’ve got a history together.

How’d you approach the character? Did you read up on who she is and the Marvel world she’s a part of?

I really let the script and the tone be set by the character and what was on the page. I just wanted to make it as truthful as possible, not just fluff. She’s really sadistic and creepy, and I tried to play her quietly creepy. I love playing the villain. My father once told me you don’t want to play the Bond girl, you want to play the villain. There’s just more layers to work with, to explore a person like that, to give them a reason for being the way they are. It’s so good.

The film seems to be quite funny, a departure from the status quo superhero flick.

It is surprisingly comedic. It’s a really cool turn for Marvel. It’s not a man saving you with his testosterone.

So there you have it. I've been pumped for Guardians of the Galaxy for over a year now, and everything I'm hearing about it, from the complexity of the story, to the humor, to just how completely bonkers and colorful all the characters are, is only fueling my fangirl fervency. Plus, as a chick, I'm totally over there not being enough three-dimensional female characters that serve as something other than soft-core porn fodder, so I can't wait to see what both Gamora and Nebula bring to the screen. Am I Team Marvel? Hell yeah, I am.

[Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) pilots its way into theaters on August 1st.

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