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Ever since the first full-length trailer for Godzilla dropped onto the internet and made us say, "Holy sh..." we've been desperately trying to figure out who the mystery second monster caught in brief flashes in the footage is. Mothra? It flies, maybe it's Mothra. Rodan? Also another airborne giant. Who could it be?

As it turns out, we were wrong on both counts. The new monster has been revealed at SXSW in Austin, and it's neither of those classic B-movie monsters, but a brand-new enemy called Muto. Some new footage was screened for fans and journalists alike (and was so good it garnered a standing ovation), and from the descriptions from the journalists, it's a new creature we've never seen.

From Nerdist:

We return to the Honolulu airport just as the power is being restored to the tram. The crowd on the train has a brief moment of relief before all awesome holy hell breaks loose. The tram is thrown from its tracks by a massive Kaiju that stylistically looks like a combination of a mosquito and the Cloverfield monster. It looks like this is the creature the government had a bead on over the radio.

The tram dangles precariously as Aaron Taylor-Johnson reaches out to save his young ward. But even if he does, who will stop the creature destroying the airport? Who the hell do you think? In a pretty heroic reveal for a character that has already caused mass destruction in his own right, the King of All Monsters steps up to put a smack down. With a massive roar, we get our first full look at the original big bad ass. And he is gorgeous! A perfectly updated look of Toho's creation stands before us.

From Shock Till You Drop:

And here is when Edwards reveals Godzilla's second threat: Another kaiju! It's a multi-limbed creature with what look like wings on its back (that would explain the mystery shape we saw cutting through the clouds in the official trailer)...

And lastly, from Ain't It Cool News:

Back at the airport the power comes back on in the railcar and the kid seems less freaked out. The track behind them lights up in sections, brightening up the airport as it goes. One section, two, three and then something seems wrong. The next section lights up and a crazy bald bat-looking monster stands over it, two legs on each side. It's kind of like the Cloverfield monster in proportions, but much more detailed.
This thing goes crazy and starts tearing up the railcar. Taylor-Johnson protects the kid as the thing gets thrown about, ripped open and people start spilling out. This monster is maybe 25-30ish feet tall, I'd guess. In the chaos of the attack a chain reaction of explosions is set off, jet fuel in airplanes parked at gates ignite and like dominoes they explode one after another. The final one explodes and a thick foot stomps down.

There's also a close-up of a toy that matches the description of the monster from the footage, but is as yet unnamed, courtesy of Topless Robot:

Nameless or not, it sure does look like the monster being described, no? So what do you think? Is this a suitably badass foe for Godzilla to battle, or would you prefer to see one of his classic enemies in a modern update?

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(Source: io9)


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