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Reports are flooding in with news of who will play the LEAD in JJ Abrams Star Wars: Episode VII. Who will be crowned Jedi King?

Lets take a look at two of the guys that are rumored for the role [As per]:

Ed Speleers

You may remember him from such films as: Eragon (2006), and TV Shows like Downton Abby [In it's fifth season].

This British born Actor/Producer may be up for the role of his career as the lead Jedi if he can out-perform his rivals. Although he doesn't have much of a list of films under his belt, will he make a great Jedi? Maybe. If they name the next film, Star Wars: Downton Jedi, he has nailed it!

Jesse Plemons

This guy! If you're a fan of Breaking Bad, than you have a natural hate for this guys character. His portrayal of Todd [a child killing, back stabbing, meth cook], was AMAZING! Born in Texas, USA. He is also up for the role of lead Jedi. Maybe it's my love of Breaking Bad that is making me root for him as the winner, but I have seen range. And that is already miles in front of Hayden Christensen.

Obviously Disney isn't commenting, so it's hard to see through their poker-face.

Star Wars: Episode VII will hit theaters December 18, 2015.

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