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I wish for….Brave new world

1984 will have its turn in the spotlight with the movie Equals starring Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart. The Giver is set to hit theaters this August. this is a time when the big screen is captivating us with the past visions of the future as seen by some great authors. So am I the only one wondering where a certain three novel to movies are? Below I have suggested three books with futuristic storylines that are worth a movie.

The obvious:

Fahrenheit 451

Before Four Eaton was my novel crush of masculinity and hidden vulnerability, there was Guy Montag, and he started my fixation on futuristic characters. Ray Bradbury is the sci- fi writer of legendary stories and worlds, and in Fahrenheit 451, he twisted an all too common concept. Firefighters still hold an important job in society, though instead of putting out fires, they start them, preferably on banned items such as books. This is the ultimate tale of censorship and a hidden society to protect what the future world tried to destroy. Guy Montag is a firefighter who discovers the hidden society and what they are protecting, and becomes enveloped in a particular world changing historical and theological book (hint hint). I loved this story, I still remember it’s opening, and his developing obsession for Clarisse, the beautiful young woman in the white dress same street every night. This sounds like an opening scene, a beautiful willowy woman luring a man to another darker side of life. So where is the film please…?

The possible mindblower:

Brave New World

I wonder if one day Aldous Huxley said, “I wonder what life would be like if the law said that everything that is wrong is right? And being drunk and high is the solution?” Well, reading Brave New World, it would seem this very thought crossed his mind. This is a particularly strange read, as it bends the rules of society. Monogamy is frowned upon and multiple sexual partners are encouraged, Soma trips are almost a form of payment, and required. Babies grown in jars, some with oxygen slightly cut off as to create less intelligence. This is all main things in Brave New World. So of course there is a game changer, a young man born outside of the normal city and raised with savages is introduced to this very world of no serious thought or responsibility, everyone has a place, no one really thinks, ironically but the savage. I love this book because it takes you to a scary future. I believe this would be a completely different sci- fi flick with far more to watch than another love story.

The one no one ever thinks of:

The Door into Summer

Last year for my birthday I was given one of three books, and The Door into Summer was one. It really made me wonder why barely anyone has heard of it. This is a post nuclear America novel, where we thrived apparently. The main character is Daniel Boone Davis, an inventor of vacuums and eventually robots with his partner Miles and assistant Belle. After a screw over by Miles and Belle, his also girlfriend, he opts for what the novel calls a cold sleep. A person in this world can go to sleep in a cryogenic chamber and wake in another time, supposedly for the right price. So Dan decides the future is a better place than the current time he is in where he was cheated out of a major business deal on his new robot. But of course is the grass greener on the other side? This novel has all the makings of a good sci- fi flick, from the cryogenic sleep to the integration of robots into everyday life. I think there should be an attempt on it.

SO which would you like to see? Let me know!!! Lol…


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