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After Grant Gustin's appearance in Arrow as Police forensic scientist Barry Allen, everyone has been begging for more. Which the people at the CW were more than happy to oblige. Now before I get into what you should expect to see in the upcoming show featuring the scarlet speedster. I want to answer the question most have been asking, will we still see Barry on the Arrow again?The answer is most likely. The Flash was originally supposed to be on Arrow for three episodes, the first two which introduced the character Barry and his life story, including him making friends with Oliver and the team. Although they had a third episode in mind, which would act as a backdoor pilot for The Flash tv show showing Barry powered and suited up; was scrapped due to the tremendous amount of positive feedback from his previous appearances, to make way for a green lit full pilot on the character. Unless the Arrow writers bring Barry back for a cameo in the final episodes of Arrow season 2, Barry will still be in a coma, so no news if we will be seeing him again before his big appearance.

First of all I want to let the fans of Arrow know, Flash will have his own set of enemies, his villians will appear on his show only, and Arrow will maintain his set of rogues.

Next thing you should know is The Flash will be more of Science fiction think something along the lines of CSI, mixed with Arrow.

Now to business, what to expect in the upcoming Flash TV show. The Flash is set in Central City, revolving around Barry Allen. Who after the particle accelerator explosion dowses him in chemicals, awakes from a coma finding he has superhuman speed.

The first season's story line will most likely revolve around Barry learning how to use his powers, and investigating his mothers death. Now casting has already begun with Rick Cosnett being cast as Eddie Thawe aka Professor Zoom, Barry's arch nemesis and main antagonist on the show. Thawe will work with Barry at the Central City Police Department. Along with Detective West (played by Jesse L. Martin) who acts as a surrogate father to Barry, and the father of Barry's best friend Iris West (played by Candice Patton). Whether they will follow the back story from the comics is unknown as there is this whole time travel and predestination paradox that follows Iris's character.

With Professor Zoom being cast as one of Barry's rogues, they are also going to bring in Danielle Panabaker to play Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost, who in the comics was a S.T.A.R. Labs bio engineer who's husband died in the particle accelerator explosion. It is unknown whether they will show her already having her powers, or getting them at the start of the show.

Next on our list of super powered beings is Cisco Ramon aka The Vibe, being played by Broadways Carlos Valdes. As The Vibe is a hero in the comics there is no speculation if he will be a hero or a villain. Just like Killer Frost they haven't said if he was going to get his powers during season 1, or already have them when it starts. In the comics he got his powers from a boom tube, an inter dimensional portal created by a mother box, which in turn gets the attention of Darkseid and all these other DC canon that might be a little too complicated for the show. Next Is Harrison Wells, played by Tom Cavanagh.

Wells Is the money and brains of the particle accelerator, which after the explosion he is treated as a pariah, until he finds out he created The Flash.

Last but not least is John Wesley Shipp who played Barry Allen in the 1990's rendition of The Flash. He hasn't been cast as a recurring character on the show, but he is said to make an appearance in an unspecified role in the shows pilot. I will keep everyone updated on new details surrounding The Flash as they come through.


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