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Hey MARVEL fans! We got some really cool news for you! The Avengers stars have finally read Joss Whedon’s script for The Avengers: Age of Ultron and we got their reactions all lined up for you! Here we go!

Chris Evans (Captain America)

Chris Evans.
Chris Evans.
“[The Age of Ultron script] is great. It’s great. But I’ll tell you this: every time I’ve read a Marvel script, they surpass it. You read it and you’re like, ‘Well this is gonna be great,’ and then they make it and it’s even better. The script is great, it’s great. So if that’s any indication, I think we’re in for a good movie.”

Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

“Everything in [Age of Ultron] is ramped up, though. It kind of blew me away reading [the script]. I don’t know how Joss does it, but everyone has gone up another notch and the whole thing is bigger and more exciting and crazier. Yeah, he’s a genius.” “I’m really excited to start Avengers 2 in 2 months and get back on set. We’re going to meet in London and shoot there for 4 months, so I’m excited to get back together with everyone and catch up.”

Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow)

Scarlett Johansson.
Scarlett Johansson.

“I was just amazed—Joss is something else, he really is. He locks himself away for God knows how long; I think he has the dark circles to prove it. [He] just came out with something totally solid. I was really impressed by his ability to make this ever-expanding Marvel universe feel very close-knit and cerebral and progressive. I mean this movie feels like the continuation of The Avengers, it doesn’t feel like a tag-on or the rehashed version or just ‘let’s throw a bunch of new characters in there and keep the thing alive.’ It really feels like the next step, and all of our characters, our relationships with one another continue to progress, become more intertwined, more complicated, more meshed. And the film has a lot of great comic book moments that the fans are gonna love, but it’s also got a lot of really great dramatic moments that audience members, I think, will really relate to.”

Really exciting reactions from the stars, that I’m sure we will have after seeing the movie! So what did you guys think of our Avengers’ reactions? Whose reaction was you’re favorite? What are you most looking forward to in The Avengers: Age of Ultron? Comment below, let me know!


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