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Reid Jones

As it turns out, some movie rumors really do come true. A rumor report stated two months ago the very thing that has been revealed today to be mostly, if not all true.

Norman dies in TASM2 from his mystery illness. Said mystery illness can be cured by Peter's blood. Harry and Electro fail to obtain this and he passes. Harry is sent to Ravencroft at the film's end. After credits scene involves The Man In Shadows from the first film walking up to Norman's cryogenically frozen head in a chamber and saying, "Wake up old friend."

This is the leaked image that is claimed to be from the post-credits scene of Amazing Spider-Man 2 in "Chamber 3".

Upon closer examination of the chamber, you can easily see a very disturbing image: Norman Osborn head frozen. Ironically, this scene may come from the myth of Walt Disney's head being frozen and kept by his company. Does this almost mocking nature of Marvel Studios' parent company mean that they just ruined their chances at ever doing an Avengers/Spidey crossover?

Also, if the rumor was right about the cryogenically frozen head, could the rest of the rumor be true too? If he was just guessing at this scene, then he has some pretty crazy psychic-like ability with guessing, or he actually knows what he's talking about.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out May 2nd, 2014.