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The CW's upcoming zombie show iZombie - about a girl who must eat brains to satisfy the zombie inside her at the same time as she tries to keep her job as a medical coroner - has cast its lead role.

Rose McIver will play Liv, a girl who absorbs the memories of the dead as she eats their brains, helping her to track down their murderers at the same time as she fights her own dark impulses.

The series is based on Chris Roberson and Michael Allred’s Vertigo Comics series, called I, Zombie.

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iZombie wouldn't be McIver's first macabre role, appearing as she did in the psychological movie The Lovely Bones, about a child molester, as well as the TV series Master of Sex.

Rose McIver at the premiere of The Lovely Bones
Rose McIver at the premiere of The Lovely Bones

So what do you think? Is this new zombie/detective series something that sounds interesting to you? Or with The Walking Dead have you seen all the zombies you need? Write in below the line with all your thoughts and speculations.

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