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Cosmos is an important television series. That much is clear. Earlier this week Neil deGrasse Tyson presented the return of Carl Sagan's groundbreaking PBS science series on an unprecedented 10 different FOX networks. Unfortunately, it seems the first ratings for the show haven't exactly been astronomical.

Cosmos is 13-part documentary series which uses incredible visuals and expert narration from Neil deGrasse Tyson to tell of the origins of the universe and answer some of life's most important questions. Questions like: How did we get here? What is our place in the universe? Is Neil DeGrasse Tyson really as clever as he makes out? The series might sound dry to some, but FOX even tried to make Cosmos more accessible my giving deGrasse Tyson a little CGI spaceship he uses to navigate the universe. Unfortunately, it seems like people still preferred to watch prosthetic zombie faces get smashed up in The Walking Dead.

Cosmos finished third in its time slot, earning 8.5 million viewers across the 10 networks, with 5.8 alone coming from the main FOX channel. This put it behind zombie drama, The Walking Dead and kind-of zombie drama, Resurrection. According to THR, Fox hoped for 40 million viewers globally in the first week of Cosmos. Now, we don't have global figures, but with only 8.5 million in the US, it looks unlikely they would have reached this goal.

However, there is perhaps still some hope. DVR numbers are not included in this figure, which could ultimately save Cosmos from the dreaded FOX executives - a bunch of people known to prematurely cancel great shows if they do not deliver their viewership quotas.

I can understand why some people wouldn't like to watch Cosmos. Being told you're ultimately an insignificant blob sitting on an insignificant rock floating through a vast vacuum your brain can barely comprehend isn't exactly many people's idea of a relaxing evening in. However, personally, I find this stuff both infinity fascinating and incredibly humbling, don't you think?

Did you watch Cosmos, or are you not interested in this kind of thing? Let us know below.


Did you watch Cosmos on Sunday?


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