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The rumors that Kristen Stewart could become the face of Nike have been dashed against the rocks before they even had chance to crest.

The star seemed like a prime candidate thanks to her fondness for kicking back on the red carpet in a pair of Nike trainers, but the company is reported to have said that;

Kristen is very talented and we're delighted she chooses to wear Nike, but we're not currently in discussions with her over an endorsement contract

Kstew rocks her red carpet Nikes
Kstew rocks her red carpet Nikes

The rumors started germinating earlier this week when Radar Online reported that Stewart was fielding an offer from the sportswear giant. Their website said that;

The company obviously wants to broaden its base from athletes to actors, and, in particular, appeal to young women. Nike execs believe that with her tomboy cool image, Kristen would be the perfect celebrity spokeswoman to create some new excitement about the brand

Wheras the idea is entirely plausible, it's simply not true. This revelation does make me wonder, if Kristen Stewart isn't the chosen one, who could be?

There is a huge drive to get more young women into sports at the moment and it is only natural to turn to inspirational young celebrities to boost brand appeal. I absolutely love KStew's look, but I am not 100 percent convinced she would be right for the job.

The [Still Alice](movie:1168550) actress has never seemed like the most sporty of celebs to me and Nike could probably pick a more relevant role model to spread their gospel of fitness.

Sporty Nina Dobrev
Sporty Nina Dobrev

Does anyone have any ideas? Off the top of my head I think Nina Dobrev would be great for the role. She is bursting with enthusiasm for sports and fitness in interviews and, more importantly, she makes it seem like so much fun!


Who do you think would be a good female ambassador for Nike?

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