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Word on the street is that Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, have scored the job of directing the third Captain America Film.

We already knew that the Russos were in early negotiations with Marvel to return for the third installment, but we hadn't had any official confirmation. Now we do.

The Winter Soldier was their first Captain America movie, since Joe Johnston had directed the first one, Captain America: The First Avenger. Even though we haven't seen The Winter Soldier yet, I'd say Marvel must be pretty pleased with how it turned out if they want to rehire the Russo Brothers, who are best known for directing comedy series, Arrested Development.

Speaking to Collider, Marvel’s President of Production, Kevin Feige, said that the Russos are definitely returning. The Russos confirmed it on their end, saying:

“Well now that Kevin [Feige] said it that means we can talk about it, I guess. That’s great. We’re just in the formative stages of it right now. We just started breaking story with [screenwriters Christopher] Markus and [Stephen] McFeely and we’re just getting an idea of what we wanna do with it. It’s crazy working on it before the movie even comes out because you want to see what people respond to in the movie. You want to get some inspiration from what people like about the film so you go, ‘Okay, this is what we gotta lean into in the next movie’ or ‘this is what we should move away from, this didn’t work so well.’ So we’re just in that phase of breaking story but waiting to see how people respond to the movie.”

To be honest I'm pretty glad they will be getting the same creative team behind the next one, because there's nothing worse than inconsistencies. Well done to the Russo Brothers.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes to theaters April 4, 2014.


Are you glad it will be the Russo Bros?

(Source: Collider, ComicBook)


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